Play it Forward

Cincinnati Edition - 513-419-7100
6:30 am
Mon January 12, 2015

Play it Forward - helping local musicians in times of need

  Cincinnati has always been a music town. You can enjoy almost any style of music any night of the week, and attend dozens of large-scale music events through the year. But as any independent musician can tell you, as much as they love what they do, it'’s not an easy way to make a living and there is no safety net.

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Play It Forward
1:00 am
Fri October 17, 2014

Tim Goshorn has details about the upcoming Larry Goshorn Benefit Concert

Brian O’Donnell welcomes in local musician Tim Goshorn to talk about a benefit concert for the local musician support fund, Play It Forward, to help with the medical expenses for his brother, fellow musican Larry Goshorn.

Michael Bany
1:00 am
Fri August 8, 2014

Play it Forward - helping local musicians in times of need

Play It Forward is a local foundation that helps local musicians in times of need. They are gearing up for their 19th Annual Michael W. Bany Golf Scramble to support their efforts and Brian O’Donnell learns more about Play It Forward, the golf event and its namesake, Michael Bany, from the foundation’s Jim Hunt and Michael’s brother, Mark Bany.

Country Trio from Dearborn County
1:32 am
Fri November 2, 2012

Meet Jetset Getset

Jetset Getset outside the WVXU studios

Three teen-aged girls from Dearborn County, Indiana have become a talked about singing group called Jetset Getset. One of the members, Avery Eliason, along with manager Kelli Jette, join Brian O’Donnell to talk about how this group came about, and the serendipity that led Nashville music producer Jack Gale to come out of retirement to produce the group’s first album.

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