Ludlow Garage

With a history unlike any other live music venue, the return of the Ludlow Garage has music lovers ready to return to Clifton. 

Ludlow Garage 40th Anniversary

Oct 15, 2015

In 1969, there were two streets in Cincinnati which were a hotbed for young activists, music lovers, and hippies… Calhoun Street and Ludlow Avenue.  On this one-hour special, you’ll hear about a legendary music club on Ludlow Avenue from some of the folks who worked there and knew the scene.

Michael Hodesh who owned a shop on Calhoun Street begins the special with some of his memories.  You’ll also hear a roundtable discussion with Jim Tarbell, Margie Hays, Jeff Seireveld, and Bill Cunningham who worked at the Ludlow Garage.  Bob Nave shares his memories of playing at the Ludlow Garage with the Lemon Pipers, and Carmon DeLeone remembers playing with the Sound Museum.  Dale Rabiner also talks about attending many concerts there.

Janis Joplin was one of the iconic singers from the 60's free spirit scene.  Her flame burned brightly for the few years she performed on stage from the Monterey Pop Festival to her death too soon in 1970.  I didn't get to see her perform when she appeared at Music Hall, but there are still fans around town who did. 

Earlier this year, I was contacted by the publisher of a new book about the Allman Brothers Band, One Way Out, written by Alan Paul.  I did a phone interview with him which was featured on last week's blues show.  While reading his book, there were a few mentions about the Allman Brothers Band's visit to the Ludlow Garage.  So, I t