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Anne Arenstein welcomes in two guests to discuss a fascinating new exhibit at UC’s Phillip M. Meyers, Jr. Memorial Gallery inside the Steger Student Life Center. Jennifer Latessa and Dr. David Edelman from DAAP talk about In the Public Interest: The Life and Work of Regional Planning Pioneer Ladislas Segoe, on display through March 31.

  While all eyes in the fashion industry were recently focused on New York, London and Milan as each city held its Fashion Week, you don’'t have to look farther than Greater Cincinnati to see a vibrant and growing fashion industry. Over the last decade, local designers and clothing stylists have been finding success selling their lines both here and nationally.

  Long established in Europe, green, or living, roofs are becoming increasingly popular here in the United states, as more people  recognize their value in conserving energy, improving air quality, and managing storm water runoff, along with their aesthetic qualities.

Virginia Russell, associate professor at UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, known as the “Green Roof Guru,” has advocated for green infrastructure, and sustainable and regenerative design for years. She is also Director of the UC DAAP Horticulture Program. Professor Russell and Sanyog Rathod, president and CEO of Sol design + consulting join us to discuss the use of living architecture and softscapes to improve our buildings, and environment.  For more information on green architecture, check out: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities or the Journal of Living Architecture.


Ishinomaki residents are still suffering

For the last two years children in Ishinomaki, Japan have had few places to play. When the tsunami hit in March 2011 waves reached 33 ft. high, killing 3,000 people, destroying 20,000 homes and forcing many of the city's residents to live in shelters, even today, as reported here in The Daily Beast.