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Westwood is the city's largest neighborhood in terms of its geographical size, and it's the most heavily populated at 30,000 residents. At one point, it was a crossroads for commerce moving in and out of the city, a place where many large and fashionable homes were built. But, with changes in the city's zoning code in the 1970's and older generations dying off and younger generations moving out, Westwood has seen blight move in.

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Cincinnati Magazine
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  Cliff Ravenscraft is celebrating an anniversary this year. Ten years ago he answered a calling he felt by turning himself into the Podcast Answer Man. Since then, he’'s created 30 programs and recorded more than 3,000 episodes, covering topics from religion to social media to The Hunger Games and more. But his passion isn'’t so much about podcasting itself as what he can do with it to improve the lives of others.

The December issue of Cincinnati Magazine includes the editor's’ list of the Best of the City for 2014. From pony keg to olive bar, mountain bike trail to lawnmower repair, rainy day fishing spot to deli-made dip, the list covers food, the arts, exercise, shopping and just downright fun and unusual things you can find in our fair city. You might agree or disagree with some of their picks, and chances are you probably never gave a thought to some of their categories (best source for Japanese office supplies?), but you have to give them credit for doing the legwork, scouring our town to come up with what they consider the very best in Cincinnati. Here to share some of the things and places they say are the best, and how they went about finding them, are Cincinnati Magazine Deputy Editor Amanda Boyd Walters, Senior Editor RJ Smith, and Digital Media Editor Amy Brownlee.

What do you consider “The Best” in Cincinnati?

  oing out to dinner should always be an enjoyable experience, and that'’s especially true when friends and family gather to celebrate the holidays. If you'’re looking for an evening to remember, a fun night out for the entire family, or the perfect place to take out-of-town guests, Greater Cincinnati offers plenty of options.