How to Get Your Next Job
1:30 pm
Mon July 8, 2013

What Employers Really Want

Andrea Kay

  Author and Career Consultant Andrea Kay talks about her latest book, “This Is How To Get Your Next Job: An Inside Look at What Employers Really Want” and provides insight on landing your next job.

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Getting a Job
1:31 am
Fri April 19, 2013

Career Expert Andrea Kay

Finding a job is more difficult now than ever before. The rules for job hunting keep changing and the competition is more intense. Career expert Andrea Kay has a new book out to help with the process.

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Game Plan Strategy Student Coaching
1:32 am
Fri September 21, 2012

Laurie Wilson

Laurie Wilson working with a group of students.

Laurie Wilson from Game Plan Strategy Student Coaching works directly with high schools students to plan their career paths and the route there through higher education. She’s in-studio with Robyn Carey-Allgeyer to discuss the challenges today’s students face, and provides details of an upcoming information session she will host on October 13.