To the Last Breath: A Memoir of Going to Extremes
1:31 am
Fri September 14, 2012

Author Francis Slakey

"To the Last Breath" by Francis Slakey

Physics professor Francis Slakey thought he could maintain his isolated lifestyle, even after deciding he was going to climb the highest peak on every continent and surf every ocean on Earth. He was wrong.

What You Wish For
12:45 am
Fri August 31, 2012

Author Kerry Reichs

"What You Wish For" by Kerry Reichs

Author Kerry Reichs talks with Mark Perzel about her second novel, What You Wish For, which follows five individuals as they make decisions about building a family and the obstacles in the way. It explores issues facing single parents, unexpected parents, issues with fertility, and those who decide to not have children

Palaces of the Night
2:00 am
Fri August 24, 2012

Poet Gerry Grubbs

Palaces of the Night by Gerry Grubbs

Local poet Gerry Grubbs joins Barbara Gray to discuss, and read from, his new book Palaces of the Night.