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Michael Keating

Cincinnati’'s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are home to a variety of architectural building styles, from the Art Deco Moderne Carew Tower and Modernist Terrace Plaza Hotel to the Gothic Music Hall or Romanesque City Hall. Joining us to explore Cincinnati's architecture and how it has evolved over the years are John C.

Wikimedia Commons, Len Rizzi (photographer)

Rhinegeist, Nine Giant, Wiedemann, MadTree, Mt. Carmel and numerous other beer breweries call Greater Cincinnati home. This recent explosion in craft breweries in our region isn't just about making beer; it's also about spurring community development as the breweries create jobs and spin off other economic benefits.

  Cincinnati Council could vote Wednesday on an ordinance to crack down on people who do not control their vicious or dangerous dogs. Joining us to discuss aspects of the proposed ordinance is local attorney James Tomaszewski, Jr.