Road crews prepping for the expected snow and ice

Feb 4, 2014

Tri-state road crews are bracing for more snow and ice beginning later tonight.

Cincinnati public works employees are on 12-hour shifts, which started last night.

“We began pre-treating our hills, bridges and overpasses,” said Jarrod Bolden, superintendent of traffic/road operation.  “We continued that pre-treating method through this morning.”

Some communities have been reporting salt shortages because of all the snow and ice this winter.

“Our replenishment is coming in a little bit slower than normal,” Bolden said.  “We anticipate that’s going to continue.  We do anticipate having enough on hand to get us through this event.”

In Northern Kentucky, transportation cabinet District 6 crews are also preparing.  Workers have been getting their plow blades on and the truck beds loaded in advance of the storm.  Those workers will be out ahead of the storm and will remain on duty through the night.