'Priceless' artifacts stolen from Miami University

Jul 1, 2013

Credit Miami University

It might be a case for Indiana Jones... Miami University says someone has stolen 13 Native American, Aztec and other artifacts. The items were taken sometime over the weekend.

The university estimates the loss at nearly $10,000 but says that is a generic estimate based on similar objects found online. An official says the items are priceless because the real value is unknown and the items are irreplaceable.

In a release the university writes:

The bottom line is, this is a serious crime. Not only is the loss value in dollars substantial, these objects are not replaceable. Both specifically as antiquities themselves, and also in that it is not ethical or advisable for universities to buy artifacts in the modern era. We cannot replace these objects through repurchase.

List of stolen objects and estimated values.
Credit Miami University

Anyone with information is asked to contact university police at 513-529-2222.