Neighborhood Efforts Working To Overcome Food Deserts

Jun 2, 2016

There are efforts at a neighborhood level to overcome food deserts in several communities.
Credit Pixabay, available for use (fruits and vegs)

While some neighborhoods in Cincinnati may be lacking in access to healthy foods, there are various community-based efforts being made to overcome what have been called food deserts. The stores that do provide fresh fruits and vegetables, among other options, set an example and bring change to communities in need.

For example, the owner of Avondale Mart, Anthony Moore, was honored as the “Uptown Community Champion of Avondale” because of his store. The Avondale Mart is part of the Center for Closing the Health Gap Healthy Corner Store Network.

Here to talk about the changes happening at the neighborhood level in overcoming food deserts are Avondale Mart Owner Anthony Moore; the Center for Closing the Health Gap COO, Renee Mahaffey Harris; and General Manager of Apple Street Market Cooperative, Christopher DeAngelis.