Miami raising tuition, going tobacco free

Jun 21, 2013

Miami University trustees have voted to raise tuition 1.5 percent, or $199, for the 2013-2014 school year for undergraduates at the Oxford campus. In-state students will pay $13,266 in tuition; out-of-state students will pay $29,056, also a 1.5 percent increase.  The Ohio legislature had approved increases of up to 2 percent, but the university says  in a statement "through efficiencies achieved on campus and an ideal to keep tuition affordable, the university aimed for a more modest increase."

Students at Miami's regional campuses will also see a tuition increase.  For lower division regional students tuition will go up by 2.3 percent and for upper division regional students by 2 percent. 

Tuition for graduate students will go up 1.5 percent.

The board also voted to make the university's smoke-free policy a tobacco-free policy starting next month.  One exception to the existing policy, that of allowing employees to smoke in their personal cars on university property, will be discontinued as of Jan. 1.