Kentucky schools getting incentive to raise drop-out age

Jul 2, 2013

Participating school districts (as of July 1) are highlighted in blue. Note: Bellevue and Kenton County schools are not highlighted but are on the list.

There are a few more spots left for Kentucky schools looking to take advantage of a $10,000 incentive to raise the drop-out age from 16 to 18. The first 96 districts to participate qualify - it's called the "Blitz to 96."

Kenton County is the latest to sign on. Superintendent Terri Cox-Cruey says the district has been looking at graduation rates for a while and is considering several ways to keep kids in school.

"We had planned on doing this even before they mentioned the incentive," she says. "With the incentive, what I think we would like to do is do some research on what it is would hold students in school."

The Bellevue, Covington, Dayton and Erlanger-Elsmere school districts are also participating. Once 96 schools sign on, all schools will be required to meet the new "Graduate Kentucky" standards within four years.

Boone County Deputy Superintendent Karen Cheser says the school board supports the "Graduate Kentucky" bill but is directing the district to investigate before making any decisions.