CPS math scores get bigger thanks to GE grant

Jun 24, 2013

Credit CPRE.org

The GE Foundation now has statistical proof its funding is helping students at CPS and three other districts improve their math scores. It hired CPRE.org to analyze data from Cincinnati and three other districts including:

  • Jefferson County, KY
  • Erie, PA
  • Stamford, CT

Pennsylvania researcher Dr. Phillip Sirinides of CPRE.org studied the data.

"Our estimate is that over five years the average student would make progress of over 6 percentile points above the expected growth in Cincinnati."

Improvements were seen at all levels. CPS spokeswoman Janet Walsh says the GE grant was used to create positions called content specialists and learning teams at each school.

She says these are still in place and CPS believes they better position the district to take on the challenges of the new, rigorous Common Core academic standards.

Read the report.