Cincinnati loses Shark Girl to Buffalo

Aug 29, 2014

Shark Girl didn't even have time to say goodbye before the Cincinnati sculpture was whisked away to New York. The Buffalo News reports the Albright-Knox Art Gallery bought the publicly-funded sculpture for an undisclosed sum of money from the artist who made it, Casey Millard.

Shark Girl had been displayed along Cincinnati's riverfront.

Millard fulfilled her obligations to the Cincinnati Parks Board and the Cincinnati Arts Ambassador Fellowship program. Still, the park's Jan Brown Checco is sad to see Shark Girl go. She told The Buffalo News:

“It was a perfect situation for a character that is well-known here in town. I think we just didn’t see you guys coming,” Checco said. “I want to cry just because I would have liked to see it stay longer, but I totally am supportive and congratulatory of this thing happening for her because it’s completely deserved.”

Millard's character is featured in drawings, paintings and books and there is a smaller version of the sculpture at the Contemporary Arts Center. The Center is planning a Shark Girl day on October 25th.