Alicia Reece plans to take the Obama message to the streets

Sep 3, 2012

State Rep. Alicia Reece, D-Bond Hill, showed up in Charlotte Monday morning in time for the Ohio delegation breakfast, proud to be attending for the first time as an elected delegate.

"I get a chance for me to cast a ballot on the floor of the convention for the first African-American president,'' Reece told WVXU at the breakfast at the Oasis Shriners Lodge in the north end of Charlotte. "I have a neighborhood in my district - Avondale - with 40 percent unemployment. We've got to go back home and connect President Obama's policies to African-Americans looking for work and get it down to the street level."

It is Reece's third Democratic National Convention - she was an appointed delegate in Los Angeles in 2000 and Boston in 2004. This is her first as an elected delegate, elected on the slate from the First Congressional District. She is running for re-election to the Ohio House this year.