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With more than 20 years of journalism experience in the Greater Cincinnati market, Ann Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her reporting. She has reported for WKRC, WCKY, WHIO-TV, Metro Networks and CBS/ABC Radio. Her work has been recognized by the Associated Press and the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2011 A-P named her “Best Reporter” for large market radio in Ohio. She has won awards from the Association of Women in Communications and the Alliance for Women in Media. Ann reports regularly on science and technology in Focus on Technology.

She has reported from Japan and South Korea, Germany and Belgium as part of fellowships from the East-West Center and RIAS.

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Ports of Indiana

Indiana Michigan Power has agreed to sell its 700 acre coal plant in Lawrenceburg to a brownfield redevelopment company. The property along the Ohio River will be redeveloped as a port according to Dearborn County Commissioner and OKI President Kevin Lynch. He says it will create an economic boom for southeast Indiana. Rich Cooper, CEO for the Ports of Indiana says, "We will be evaluating the site's viability for attracting new business to the Cincinnati metro area and to spur further...

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Cameras are now a necessity in buses, commuter trains, streetcars and subways as demonstrated by the New Jersey commuter train accident. Managing companies are not only recording video, but keeping it longer and installing the equivalent of an airline black box. The company that operates The Cincinnati Bell Connector, Transdev, says it has installed SmartDrive cameras. "Within a week of deployment we clearly saw the benefit of video safety for rail," said Ken Westbrook, president, Transdev...

Art teacher Doug Davis always knew Wilmington residents had grit, especially after they rebounded from devastating job losses in 2009 when DHL pulled out of the city's Air Park. He's now putting it into pictures based on a global art project called Inside Out . It features huge posters of residents on the side of buildings. Davis reflects on the hard times. "We did kind of get a big punch and we lost a lot but people that make up Wilmington never left and we stayed here and we pulled together...


Embroiled in controversy, the Cincinnati VA Medical Center has named a new director. Vivian Hutson will oversee an annual budget of $373 million and a staff of 2,1oo.

Ann Thompson / WVXU

A very small pilot program at the Hamilton County Justice Center, designed to help heroin convicts stay clean, is showing promise. Sixteen female inmates who volunteered to be part of "The Heroin Recovery Pod Pilot Program" receive regular counseling, educational help, assistance writing a resume and learn how to find a job when they get out.

Busken Bakery Facebook page

Cookie candidates in Busken Bakery's presidential poll are now neck and neck. Check the latest results here . At the start of the work week, just 100 votes separated Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The "independent" Cookie Party was trailing by more than 600 votes. This is a change from mid-August when the Cookie Party was in the lead as reported by WVXU in this story . Busken customers vote by buying their candidate's likeness on a cookie. The poll is surprisingly accurate. The Busken...

Ann Thompson / WVXU

University of Cincinnati medical students and other health professionals will soon be making regular trips to Greater Cincinnati's largest certified organic farm to learn, in a new state-of-the-art kitchen, how food can be used to prevent disease. This is made possible by Indian Hill's Turner Farm which already has a partnership with UC's Center for Integrative Health and Wellness . Turner's Executive Director Robert Edmiston is a firm believer in natural food, especially after attending...

Ann Thompson

Later this year L’Oréal USA, in partnership with Scenic Hill Solar, will install thousands of solar panels at its Florence plant, a project the company says will be the largest commercial solar array in Kentucky.


MRI results show a special collar worn by Cincinnati athletes continues to protect the brain from changes that may occur after a head impact. The Q-Collar , puts pressure on the jugular vein, increasing blood volume to create a natural bubble wrap around the brain. Our collar applies gentle pressure to the muscles surrounding the jugular veins with maximum comfort. — Q30 Innovations (@Q30Innovations) May 19, 2016 When designing a device to prevent concussions,...

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Covington City Manager Larry Klein says he's sympathetic and concerned about the 1,638 jobs slated to be eliminated at the Fourth Street Internal Revenue Service building in 2019 and the city will do everything it can to help them.


Robots are increasingly having to protect themselves from people after a rash of destructive incidents. The behavior can come in the form of a loud screech, a polite request to get out of the way, or shivers, so people will feel sorry for them. This is the robot with the loud screech, K5 , who is currently patrolling malls, parking lots and schools. After its screech, kids who were trying to block it go running away. Hitchbot , a robot trying to...

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Days before this year's Western & Southern/WEBN Fireworks people were marking their spots. Four tarps were taped to the grass in Newport on a hill facing the Purple People Bridge. Friday and Saturday boats start lining up for the event and early Sunday people will lay their blankets out on the Serpentine Wall in Cincinnati. Typically 500,000 people come to watch the fireworks Sunday night, so workers on both sides of the Ohio River were busy setting up. Cold Iron Event Rental's Marc...

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in a room full of thousands of men and women who have served in the nation's military, said her opponent wants to destroy the alliances "that generations of Americans in uniform have fought and died to create those bonds."

Ann Thompson

A nationally appointed committee is close to taking testimony in whistleblower cases at Cincinnati VA Medical Center. Acting Director Glenn Costie, during an interview with reporters at the American Legion Convention Wednesday, said Dr. Gene Goldman will lead the board made up of three to four people.

Ann Thompson / WVXU

Heavy rains and flooding caught Norwood and St. Bernard residents off guard Sunday night, with one man telling WVXU Monday, the city must have "ticked off Mother Nature."