Introducing XTEAM!

Listening to WVXU and WMUB says a lot about you.

You’re informed. You’re engaged in your community and aware of the world around you.

You know it takes involvement from individuals to make positive changes.

XTEAM is your chance to join with other WVXU/WMUB fans in the Greater Cincinnati area to find new ways to participate in our community – to help bring about that positive change and impact lives.

XTEAM is your new, easy connection to volunteer opportunities, social outings, and calls to action. With an emphasis on teaming up with other WVXU/WMUB listeners, this is an effort to make a positive impact in our community, not just with the news and programs we air, but with the energy and enthusiasm you bring to our area.

Imagine – a group of WVXU/WMUB listeners staffing a water stop at the Flying Pig Marathon or fixing a meal at the Ronald McDonald House. Maybe helping prepare a veteran’s home for the winter or fielding a volleyball team for a charity tournament.

There are lots of positive NO’s that go with XTEAM:

NO meetings. NO dues. NO minimum obligation. NO stress.

There is one VERY important YES:

YES, we can work and play together and make an impact.

To add your name and email address onto the XTEAM roster, simply use the link below. Your name and contact information WILL NOT be sold or traded. As we get requests for XTEAM assistance, we will forward those out to the entire roster with a sign-up option. You’ll then receive follow-up details about when, where, etc.


Just as important, we want to hear from YOU about events and organizations you are involved with that could use XTEAM involvement, or social events that you think your fellow XTEAM members would enjoy.

Simple enough, right? You know there are events and community projects going on weekly in and around Cincinnati that need volunteers. Help them out, make new friends, and join XTEAM.

Questions? Suggestions? Opportunities?

Contact Kevin at or on Twitter @XTEAM_Kevin



Cincinnati Observatory
1:30 am
Fri September 7, 2012

Scope Out 2012

Scope Out 2012 starts at noon Saturday at the Cincinnati Observatory.

Saturday starting at noon is the Cincinnati Observatory’s Scope Out 2012 with special guest speaker Pamela Gay. She’s an astronomer, writer, and host of the popular podcast Astronomy Cast. Dean Regas from the Observatory talks with her about her work and love of the cosmos.

Meet the Directors
2:00 am
Fri August 24, 2012

Curtain Up!

Curtain Up! presented by the League of Cincinnati Theatres

Jim Stump welcomes League of Cincinnati Theatres President Cathy Springfield and LCT Board Member Sherry McCamley to talk about the work of the League and their 6th Annual Meet the Directors – Curtain Up event on September 9 at Joseph Beth Booksellers.

D. Lynn Myers
1:50 am
Fri August 24, 2012

New Life in Over the Rhine

A longtime Vine Street resident, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati has been witness to the many positive changes in OTR

Mark Perzel shares a few minutes with Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati’s Artistic Director D. Lynn Meyers talking not just about their upcoming season, but the current renaissance in the theater’s Over the Rhine neighborhood.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
1:50 am
Fri August 24, 2012

Plant Trial Days

Plant Trials Day at the Zoo - August 29

The 2012 Plant Trials Day at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is August 29. Hundreds of Master Gardeners, industry professionals, garden clubs and homeowners will gather to learn about the Zoo’s plant trialing program. Mark Perzel welcomes in Scott Beuerlein from the Cincinnati Zoo to discuss the program, which sold out early last year.