USS Cincinnati

USS Cincinnati Cold War Memorial Project

Plans to build a veterans and Cold War memorial out of the sail from the USS Cincinnati are moving forward.

The tower-like structure that sat on top of the sub arrived in town last fall.

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune says the first task is finding a location.

"What we're going to do is identify parcels of land that are solely within the county's control along the central riverfront that could work from the standpoint of a footprint," says Portune. "Then {we'll} work up a mock-up as to those locations that could work."

USS Cincinnati Cold War Memorial Project

A Cold War era submarine named for the Queen City is scheduled to arrive in its namesake this weekend.

Joe Jaap has been working for more than a decade to bring the USS Cincinnati's sail to town in hopes of creating a memorial. The sail is the tower-like structure that sits on top of the sub.