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Movie Review: Lunafest festival at The Carnegie

Nov 22, 2013

It’s always an annual treat when Cincinnati World Cinema brings in the current Lunafest collection. This long-running series of short films by and about women is an excellent way for budding filmmakers to get noticed, and also do some good in the process. As always, a portion of the proceeds from these showings will go to the national Breast Cancer Fund, and locally, to the Eva G. Farris Education Center in Covington.

Review: Kim Krause's "Eleusinian Mysteries" exhibit

Nov 15, 2013
Kim Krause/Marta Hewitt Gallery

Our Jane Durrell has a review of the current Kim Krause exhibit, Eleusinian Mysteries, now showing at the Marta Hewitt Gallery.

Many of the current comic book films are hit or miss with me. I loved The Avengers, even to the point of having it on my ten best list for the year of its release. Unfortunately, the current offering from Marvel Studios, Thor: The Dark World is nowhere near that good. I have not seen the first Thor film, so comparisons aren’t appropriate, but having seen the newest Thor adventure, I’m not particularly eager to catch up with the first one.

It’s seems logical that the big success of the two Hangover films should inspire a similar tale that might be referred to as “the Hangover on Medicare.” That sums up the concept of Last Vegas, in which four lifelong friends meet in Las Vegas for the wedding of one of them and to have the bachelor party of a lifetime. After having seen the rather lackluster trailer a couple of times, I was not necessarily eager to see Last Vegas, but surprise…I really liked it. The cast was terrific, the dialogue funny, and the situations revealed a nice mix of surprises, reconciliations, and warm fuzzies.

Book review: "Are You Mine"

Nov 1, 2013

Kelly Blewett has a review of local author N.K. Smith’s newest novel, Are You Mine?