A poem from Brian Volck

Mar 21, 2014

Brian Volck reads his poem, Sacraments, from his book Flesh Becomes Word.

A poem from Dr. Herbert Woodward Martin

Mar 21, 2014

Dr. Herbert Woodward Martin shares another of his poems, On the Flyleaf to the Lighthouse, from his latest poetry collection, On the Flyleaf: Poems.

A poem from Brian Volck

Mar 7, 2014

A poetry reading by Brian Volck from his book, Flesh Becomes Word.

A poem from Kate Faddick

Feb 7, 2014

Local poet Kate Faddick reads her poem Winter Storm, from her book of poetry, Slipstream.

Two brothers create book of poetry and illustrations

Jan 24, 2014

The brothers John and Brian Volck have recently collaborated on a book featuring Brian’s poetry and John’s illustrations called Flesh Becomes Word, and they discuss how Brian’s work as a pediatrician influences his writing and their collaborative process with Barbara Gray.