Pete Rose

State lawmakers propose bills to re-instate "Charlie Hustle"

Apr 28, 2015

Some Ohio lawmakers say the greatest player in major league baseball has been barred from the sport for far too long. Legislators are putting forth bills in both the Ohio House and Senate to try to get Pete Rose re-instated into the sport.

Pete Rose has been banned from baseball for life because he bet on games as the Manager of the Reds. Democratic State Senator Cecil Thomas from Cincinnati says the man often called “Charlie Hustle” is simply one of the best players in the history of the game and deserves to be reinstated.


Pete Rose has renewed his request to be allowed into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame. 


Pete Rose has officially petitioned Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred for reinstatement. Manfred said he will consider the request "on its merits."

ESPN reports:

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Government offices and banks were closed for Presidents' Day.  But the Reds Hall of Fame was still open, and education manager Ken Freeman says American Presidents have had a lengthy connection with Major League Baseball.

The first sitting President to attend a baseball game was North Bend, Ohio native Benjamin Harrison, in 1892.  (The Reds beat the Senators, 7-4, in 11 innings.)

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Mention Pete Rose and you get mixed reactions.  To some, he's the guy who got kicked out of baseball for life for gambling.  To others, he's a hometown hero who got a raw deal and should be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame for his achievements on the field.