Pakistani journalist

Peek inside a Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony

Jun 20, 2014
Fasiha Sharif

Fasiha Sharif is a journalist from Pakistan visiting and working in the WVXU newsroom on a three week assignment. Recently she attended a traditional Pakistani pre-wedding ceremony at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati in West Chester and brought back this report…


My visit to Ohio University

Jun 19, 2014
WVXU, by Mark Heyne

In 1803, Ohio became a state of the union. The next year, the people of the new state were very fortunate, because they lit the candle of education for its people. To develop the Northwest Territory, they founded a college called Ohio University in an isolated area of southeast Ohio. The town of Athens grew up around the new university.  

I was lucky enough to visit the university recently. It is a place that has antique architecture and lush green area all around.

WVXU, by Mark Heyne


My first visit to any church

Jun 6, 2014
Mark Heyne

On Thursday, I visited the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains, which is in downtown Cincinnati.

Father Brian was the priest that day. He is the son of Chris Phelps of Cincinnati Public Radio, who took me to the church for noon Mass. A mother feels proud when her kid gets such opportunity in their beliefs. Chris was also happy. I was lucky enough to meet Father Brian, a tall, healthy young guy with a mustache and beard.