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The Two-Way
12:44 pm
Tue May 20, 2014

NPR To End 'Tell Me More,' Eliminate 28 Positions

NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Stephen Voss NPR

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 2:41 pm

NPR announced Tuesday that it would cease broadcast of the weekday program Tell Me More on Aug. 1 and eliminate 28 positions as part of a larger effort to end the company's persistent budget deficits.

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The Two-Way
11:50 am
Tue May 20, 2014

G.M. Recalls 2.42 Million Vehicles Over Four Different Issues

A 2008 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ.

General Motors is recalling another 2.42 million vehicles for four separate issues, the company said in a press release on Tuesday.

According to NBC News, that brings the total number of GM vehicles under a recall to 13.6 million.

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Shots - Health News
11:43 am
Tue May 20, 2014

E-Cigarette Users May End Up Paying More For Insurance

A customer holds the electronic cigarette he purchased at a store in Miami.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

People may think that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco, but insurers might not agree.

Tobacco use is one of just four things that insurers that sell health plans on the individual market can take into account when determining someone's premium: age, geographic location, and family size are the other three. People who use tobacco can be charged up to 50 percent more than nonsmokers.

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The Two-Way
11:29 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Third Of French Are On Psychoactive Drugs, Agency Says

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 2:52 pm

A drug safety agency says that 32 percent of French citizens are regular or occasional users of prescription drugs such as antidepressants and sleeping pills. France's National Drug Safety Agency warns that the pills are prescribed too often.

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Health Care
11:19 am
Tue May 20, 2014

Waiting At VA Hospitals: A Matter Of Life And Death

Originally published on Tue May 20, 2014 12:26 pm



I'm Michel Martin, and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. At some point, many of us have encountered a wait to see a health professional. It can be annoying and frustrating and an inconvenience. But what if it turns out that the health problem is not minor and that wait is the difference between life and death? Now, some families of veterans who waited for care from the Department of Veterans Affairs claim it was the difference between life and death.

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