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9:44 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Crazy Bad Luck: It's Friday The 13th With A Full Moon


Originally published on Fri June 13, 2014 5:59 pm

  • Korva teaches us how to say paraskevidekatriaphobia

Today is a bad day for those with paraskevidekatriaphobia. It's also a bad day for those with selenophobia. For those with both, don't look at the calendar or the sky.

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, for those of you who haven't had a chance to Google the term (like your blogger did), is the fear of Friday the 13th. Selenophobia is the fear of the moon. Today is not only Friday the 13th, but there was also a full moon in the Eastern time zone early this morning (12:11 a.m., to be precise).

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The Salt
8:38 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Exercise And Protein May Help Good Gut Bacteria Get Their Groove On

Rugby and meat: a treat for the gut? A study suggests yes. Here Tony Woodcock (left) and Owen Franks of the All Blacks rugby team turn sausages on the barbecue in 2011 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Phil Walter Getty Images

Originally published on Mon June 16, 2014 10:46 am

Each month, it seems, we discover a new reason to appreciate the billions of bugs hanging out in our bellies. Why? They are far more influential than we ever thought.

As our colleague Rob Stein reported in his Guts and Glory series, the bacteria in our gastrointestinal tracts and on our skin may be doing everything from guiding the workings of our minds to helping us either fend off or become more predisposed to certain diseases.

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The Two-Way
8:22 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Dancing On A Lark: Gov. Christie Struts His Stuff On 'Tonight Show'

They're rockin' to Springsteen.

Originally published on Fri June 13, 2014 7:10 pm

Some stories tell themselves — like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appearing on The Tonight Show and doing the Evolution of Dad Dancing with Jimmy Fallon.

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The Two-Way
7:55 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Bergdahl Back In The U.S. To Continue Recovery

Bowe Bergdahl, seen on a Taliban-affiliated website sometime after his capture by Taliban militants in 2009.

Originally published on Fri June 13, 2014 5:52 pm

This post was updated at 4:20 p.m. ET

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is back in the U.S.

As we told you early this morning, Bergdahl, who was freed May 31 by his Taliban captors in exchange for five of the group's members in Guantanamo Bay, arrived at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio after a flight from Ramstein Air Base in Germany. He will continue his treatment at the center.

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The Two-Way
7:25 am
Fri June 13, 2014

Shiite Leaders Urge Iraqis To Rise Up Against Sunni Extremists

A banner bearing a black flag used by the al-Qaida-linked Islamic State of Iraq and Syria hangs from an overpass in Mosul, Iraq. The picture was posted Thursday on a militant Twitter account, and was authenticated by The Associated Press. Iraqi officials say ISIS militants also captured two towns in the ethnically mixed Diyalah province.

Originally published on Fri June 13, 2014 10:39 am

Updated at 9:38 a.m. ET

Al-Qaida-linked Sunni militants continued their march across the country, and a representative of the country's most revered Shiite cleric urged Iraqis to defend their nation, increasing the possibility of sectarian strife in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Kurdish fighters filled the vacuum created by fleeing Iraqi forces, and pressure built on President Obama to take action in Iraq.

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