There's a whole series of web videos dedicated to stuff white people say to minorities.

Like asking someone of Asian decent where they're from. Like really from.

Joanna Hausmann takes this one step further. She's a white Latina American from Venezuela. Yeah, she gets plenty of questions about it.

Kunduz takeover shows we're not dealing with the same old Taliban

7 hours ago

The world seems shocked by the Taliban attack on Kunduz, but not GroundTruth Project reporter Jean MacKenzie.

"It's a public relations thing. The Taliban, they know very well that they can't hold this city and they really can't retake Afghanistan. So we can't make too much of their taking territory. But they have made the headlines, they're back in the world's eye view, and they are able to claim that they are still a force to be reckoned with," MacKenzie says.

Leo Hornak

Sean Day is man who takes a certain pride in knowing his way through London’s meandering streets.

“London is massive. It’s like a cobweb. It’s like tangled fusewire,” he says.

He has been driving a traditional London black taxi for 14 years, and he tells me he has never needed a map or GPS in any of that time.

The Forum: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The focus on racial injustice in the US – particularly the effect of race on criminal justice — has been in the public spotlight following the tragic deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner on Staten Island, and Tamir Rice in Cleveland during encounters with law enforcement.

Rupa Shenoy/WGBH

Seventeen-year-old Ricardo Cherry won’t talk about what happened when an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. All he’ll say is that the uncle he was living with was killed.

“Everytime I try to think about it … it just bring me some bad dreams,” he said.

But even when he doesn’t think about the earthquake, it affects him. When he got to the US, Cherry lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Boston with his mother, two brothers and a sister. He played video games compulsively.

The Russians want to save Assad in Syria

Sep 30, 2015
Andrew Kelly/Reuters

More bombs fell in Syria today. More Syrians died. The only real change seemed to be whose military was doing the bombing.

Russian military intervention in Syria began in earnest on Wednesday.

“We naturally do not intend to take a headlong plunge into this conflict, so to speak,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier in the day. “We will be supporting the Syrian Army exclusively in its legitimate fight precisely against terrorist groups.”

Ralph Orlowski/ Reuters

There is a list that German immigration officials look at when they want to process a migrant's application. It's a list of countries deemed safe for what are considered economic migrants, to be sent back.

With such a large number of people trying to migrate to Germany, the country has decided to reject economic migrants.

On that list, there are names of a series of countries like Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. More are expected to join that list in October. 

Why Canada is banning microbeads

Sep 30, 2015
Steven Davy

We all want clean teeth. And hey, if we could scrub off a few of those laugh lines, who wouldn't?

But do you know what's in some of those drugstore products that say they will make your teeth whiter or your skin clearer?

Microbeads — that abrasive, gritty stuff that is supposed to exfoliate your skin or polish your teeth.

Now Canada has taken a bold step toward banning them. The microbeads, found in dozens of beauty products widely sold in the US as well, are actually tiny pieces of plastic.

What lengths would a mother go to help her child? That's the central premise of the Pakistani film "Dukhtar," which means daughter in Urdu.

The film was inspired by a news story of a woman in the tribal region of Pakistan who kidnapped her two young daughters to save them from becoming child brides, says writer and director Afia Nathaniel.

I’m doing my homework right now. Something that some of my friends call "work." They don’t know that for some children work is something else entirely. It's standing in the rain and snow to sell a few stems of flowers. Maybe the only thing that would make these kids happy is getting to go to school, and getting to do homework. I used to be one of those kids.