Obama is visiting Addis Ababa, but do you know where it is?

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Now you know where exactly is Addis Ababa, let’s find out more about the city. 

As President Obama heads to Kenya this weekend to attend a summit on entrepreneurship, reporters will descend on the country and "discover" all sorts of local stories rarely covered by the Western media. One set of BBC reporters is already there, asking Kenyans what stories to cover. How about donkeys?

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All eyes are on President Barack Obama as he visits the African continent over the next few days.

First stop is Kenya — the birthplace of his father. Then, he's off to Ethiopia. Obama will focus on two key issues in Africa: security and trade. But for some Africa watchers, the trip will be more symbolic than substantive.

Here are three foreign films to watch this summer

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Courtesy of the Sundance Institute

What foreign films should you watch this summer?

We spoke to Matt Holzman, a movie critics and the producer and host of First Take from KCRW, about popular and critically acclaimed films from abroad. Here are three films he says not to miss this summer: 


When you think Kazakhstan think Timur, not Borat

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The story of how Timur Bekbosunov became a glam-rock opera singer in the US actually begins in 1958, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, then part of the Soviet Union. Timur says his father developed a strange idea — he wanted to go the US “to see what it’s all about.”

His dad even wrote a letter to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to see if the Communist Party would send him to the US.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was on the cusp of making a peace agreement with the Palestinians 20 years ago when Israeli ultra-nationalist Yigal Amir shot and killed him a peace rally in Tel Aviv. Amir was given a life sentence.

But the story doesn’t end there.

After he was put behind bars, Amir married, and fathered a child. Now, there’s a new documentary about Amir’s family — and it has created a firestorm in Israel.

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The MacArthur Foundation, a prominent American non-governmental organization that has operated in Russia for more than two decades, is closing its Russia office as a result of government pressure on NGOs.

The Tour de France continued its grueling pace today with a tough and dangerous Stage 17 through the French Alps.

This year, British rider Chris Froome of Team Sky is dominating the race. But not without controversy. Some fans are accusing Froome of doping and not just his body — his bike, too. One fan even threw a cup of urine at him during a stage.

Most everyone says Froome is a nice guy. But cycling aficionados may be holding something else against him.

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It's a big deal when a sitting US president comes to visit your country. It's a huge deal when President Barack Obama visits Kenya, as he's scheduled to do this Friday.

Obama has family in Kenya — his father was from there — and his relatives would love a visit.

However, that's not the official focus for this trip. The president has much more serious business to discuss in Kenya. He’s there to co-host a global entrepreneurship summit, designed to signal Kenya’s arrival as a successful, modernizing economy.

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It’s only a couple of pages. But a recently discovered Quranic manuscript appears to be one of the oldest ever found. 

But it wasn’t unearthed by an intrepid archeologist toiling away somewhere in the Middle East. This text turned up at an English university.

The manuscript is written in an ancient form of the Arabic language called Hijazi on pages of parchment made from the skin of a lamb or goat. For decades, this writing was hidden away in the archives at the University of Birmingham.