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Getting gasoline is usually not a problem in oil-rich Nigeria. It's Africa's biggest oil exporter. But a fuel distributor's strike this week has meant long lines and chaos at gas stations; grounded flights and shuttered banks in many major cities.  

Abuja resident Hussaini Abdu says he's stopped using his car. "Where you have petrol available in some filling stations, people are on queue for about 10 to 12 hours," Abdu says. "Sometimes people are travelling over a 100 miles out of Abuja to get fuel." 

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At least 13 people have been killed by a category 4 tornado that swept through Ciudad Acuña Monday.

Images from the town, just across the border from Del Rio, Texas, showed cars flipped, buses smashed and hundreds of homes destroyed or damaged.

The tornado reached speeds of up to 186mph and officials say there are fears the death toll could rise.

Across the border from Ciudad Acuña, Texas also saw tornados and heavy rains resulting in massive flooding from the storm system.

Reuters/Galapagos National Park/Diego Paredes

On Monday, Wolf volcano on the Galapagos Islands erupted spewing fire, smoke and lava.

Authorities say the eruption, the first for the volcano in 33 years, posed no immediate danger to the local population of people.

Nor, apparently, to Isabela island's pink iguanas, the world's only known population of the the species. The Galapagos National Park says that the lava was flowing in an opposite direction from their habitat, raising hopes they will not be affected.


Pien Huang

You might not think of an industrial strip mall in the suburbs of Boston as the place for a shrimp farm. But then you probably haven’t met James Tran, the founder of Sky8 Shrimp Farm in Stoughton, Massachusetts.

In his day job, he designs semiconductors for the technology industry. On nights and weekends, he works on turning out some of the cleanest, freshest, sustainable seafood in Boston.

'I don't know' merely means 'I don't know yet'

May 26, 2015
Mike Cohea / Brown University 

Editor's Note: What do you do when an eminent scholar says, "I don't know?" For this graduating college senior and her classmates, the simple acknowlegement of new problems to solve got minds whirring. Below are excerpts of a commencement address on this theme.

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Thousands of Dutch families streamed into a cemetery outside of the village of Margraten, near the border with Germany, on Sunday.

The Dutch came to honor the more than 8,000 Americans from World War II who are buried there in the Netherlands American Cemetery.

Ton Hermes, president of the Foundation for Adopting Graves at the American Cemetery in Margraten, calls it a "gesture to comfort the people of America."

The burial ground is one of about a dozen European cemeteries for US troops slain in World War II. 

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Aid groups have rushed to provide relief in the month that has passed since a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, killing 8,700 people and injuring scores more, but with the monsoon season approaching, they are scrambling to do more while they still can. 

A tribute to singer Lorde in five languages

May 25, 2015

What does the international teenage pop sensation Lorde have to do with the Israeli Palestinian conflict? Nothing, until one Israeli musician set out to partner with a Palestinian artist for a Lorde tribute album.

Yuval Ben-Ami is pushing 40, a self-proclaimed Schubert enthusiast, who also is in love with Lorde.

“She’s fantastic,” Ben-Ami said in an interview. “It’s authentically spectacular and spectacularly authentic music.”

Victor Agbafe will start college this fall at Harvard. But before he made the decision, he pulled off a rare feat: Getting accepted to all eight Ivy League universities.

Agbafe was one of just seven students in the nation to make a clean sweep of the Ivies this year. Many of them, including Agbafe, are the children of immigrants

I'm a lover of music, so it’s kind of shameful that the first time I came to New Orleans was just two years ago.