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The role of "political spouse" can be a challenging one.

Canadian "first lady" Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has been in the hot seat recently for saying that she needs more help to fulfill her duties.

Last week, she told a French-language newspaper that she wanted to do more for the public, but struggled with just one staff member.

More people are now seeking refuge than at any other time since records began. 

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Immigrant families often come to the US hoping for a better life for their children. That can mean learning English at a public school. But it can also mean maintaining a language, like Spanish, that families speak at home. Research shows retaining the second language has benefits. But what if one culture shares multiple languages?

That’s a challenge Portland, Oregon’s Rosa Parks Elementary School is taking up with its Somali students. It hasn’t always been easy.

Leeann Chin grew up in Guangzhou, China.

One of 10 kids, she was surrounded by food — her father owned a grocery store. And while the family wasn’t rich, it was prosperous enough to have a family cook, whom Leann followed around in the kitchen and at the markets.

Leeann’s daughter, Katie Chin, is a food writer whose latest book is called "Everyday Chinese Cooking: 101 Recipes from my Mother’s Kitchen."

She takes up her mom's story:

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This year’s Oscar for best foreign language film went to "Son of Saul," a Hungarian movie about the Sonderkommando, the special squad of Jews who escorted Holocaust victims to the gas chambers in concentration camps, and burned their bodies after they were murdered.

Director Laszlo Nemes took care to include voices speaking the languages that would have been spoken during World War II, including Yiddish, the lingua franca of European Jews. Very few people speak it now, other than Orthodox families.

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A New York farmworker we’ll call Juan is hopeful that soon he and his colleagues will have rights already enjoyed by other workers around the country.

Juan, who didn't want to be identified by his real name for fear of losing his job, wants to collectively bargain without fear of employer retaliation. At the top of the list of protections he is seeking are worker’s compensation for injuries and paid leave during recovery.

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It’s been six months since a group of Islamic State gunmen turned their weapons on Paris.

This week, outdoor terraces at the same cafes where people were shot in November were full of people.  

But for those who lived through the attacks, the memories are still painful.

Parisian Aurelia Gilbert, 43, was in the Bataclan nightclub with friends on Nov. 13 when gunmen started firing on the crowd.

She was on the right side of the orchestra pit when she heard shots and screaming and got down on the floor.

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World military expenditure had been declining since the beginning of this decade until 2015, which saw a 1 percent increase.

Global governments spent a total of $1,676 billion on defense, and more than one-third of that came from the US, the world's top military spender, according to new figures from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

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More than 80 percent of the Earth's urban residents are breathing unhealthy air. They're living in cities with lots of cars, trucks and fossil fuel-burning power plants. Think Peshawar in Pakistan, the Saudi capital Riyadh, or Delhi, India.

But a newly updated database from the World Health Organization also pinpoints urban spots where air is the cleanest. 

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