Rotana Tarabzouni has a voice, and she's not afraid to use it. "In a religious sense, there are always going to be people that are extremely offended with what I'm doing, there are always going to be people that think that what I'm doing is just blasphemy," she says.

Memo to Trump: This is what mass deportation looks like

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Photo by Reuters /Jose Miguel Gomez.

Leading Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has suggested the US deport all of the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants, but hasn’t gone into much detail about how he would propose carrying out such a massive undertaking. 


It was the early 1950s, at the height of the Cold War. The Korean conflict was coming to an end and the peninsula was divided. There were more than 100,000 war orphans, not to mention the thousands of biracial GI babies who were deemed unacceptable to Korean society.

Some of the earliest efforts were taken by American servicemen who had developed personal relationships with the children they met at the orphanages or took into their units as houseboys or mascots, says Arissa Oh, who's written a book about the origins of international adoption.

What if you found out you had an identical twin?

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In 2013 LA-based actress Samantha Futerman got a message on Facebook that would change her life forever:

Anaïs Bordier, a French fashion student living in London did look remarkably similar to Samantha.  But not only did she look similar, she had the same birthday, and like Samantha, Anaïs had been born in Busan, Korea and adopted.  Except Anaïs had grown up in the suburbs of Paris and Samantha in New Jersey.

Jeb Sharp

One of the best pieces of advice Jenny Chung received after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, was to avoid all media coverage of the attacks and their aftermath.

"I've gotten pretty good about being in a cave," she tells me.

It's more than two years later now. We happen to be talking the same week convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev broke his silence and apologized to his victims at his sentencing hearing.

"I saw a headline. 'He Speaks.' I was like, 'Oh, he spoke?' I really have kind of holed myself off," Chung says.

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Thair Orfahli stepped onto the boat knowing he might die. But that same reality faced him if he stayed in Syria.

Only a few hours before, he had bid his friend goodbye, handing over his laptop — his most-prized possession. "I told my friend if I didn't arrive, you can call this number and give everything [to] my family," he recalls.

Orfahli is one of thousands of men, women and children fleeing war-torn countries in the Middle East. He calls Syria home — or at least he used to.

'Bemusement' on the beach: Welcome to Dismaland.

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(Leo Hornak/PRI)

"Welcome to Dismaland. End. Joy."

There is a something refreshingly depressingly about the greeting (delivered with a scowl) that you get at the entrance to Britain's newest tourist attraction. For the last week, the graffiti artist Banksy has transformed an abandoned funfair in the English seaside town of Weston Super Mare into a "Bemusement Park" — a dystopian theme park dedicated tp protest art, sarcastic political satire and silly puns. Banksy himself called it " a theme park whose big theme is – theme parks should have bigger themes.” 

Sarabi Rodriguez was a third-grader when she started planning for college at the Barrio Logan College Institute.

“As soon as you’re accepted, it’s not, are you going to go to college? It’s where you’re going to go to college,” she said. 

In the fall, she’s heading to the University of California, Berkeley, her dream college.

She grew up Muslim, but 'fell in love' with Zionism

Aug 27, 2015
Bruce Wallace

The end of summer means students heading back to college, starting classes and taking up new roles on campus. On the University of Maryland campus this week, it meant games of ultimate frisbee and the drum and marching band starting to practice for football season.

For Amna Farooqi, a senior political science major at the University of Maryland, it means taking up a leadership position at J Street U. It’s the collegiate arm of the liberal pro-Israel group. Farooqi was elected its president last week.

Picture this: Germany. Berlin Zoo. A man in a polarbär or polar bear costume.  

That's a photo-op many Germans couldn't resist over a half century ago.   

Now some of these photos are on view at an international photography festival in Arles, France.