Neighborhood Enhancement Program

Cincinnati Edition
6:30 am
Wed April 9, 2014

Neighborhood Enhancment Program Improves Communities

East Price Hill is using the city's Neighborhood Enhancement Program.

  We continue our discussion on the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP), and how local community organizations are working with city departments and various funding sources, with Cincinnati City Senior Community Development Analyst Ethel Cogen, Huntington Bank Vice President for Community Development Elizabeth Sherwood, and

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Neighborhood life
10:30 am
Thu January 30, 2014

City announces neighborhoods for this year's enhancement program

Cincinnati officials have announced that East Price Hill and Walnut Hills have been selected for this year’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program.  

The two areas were selected based on a number of factors.  Those include: building code violations, vacant buildings, disorder and drug calls for police service and drug arrests, as well as graffiti, junk cars, litter and weeds.

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Neighborhood Enhancement Program
1:54 pm
Tue January 15, 2013

City targets Carthage and Mt. Airy for improvement

Credit Tana Weingartner / WVXU

Carthage and Mt. Airy are the two newest communities targeted for Cincinnati's Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP). 

Beginning March 1, police, businesses and civic groups will work together on an accelerated revitalization and reinvestment plan.

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