National Poetry Month

Are you aware that the State of Ohio does not have a poet laureate? State Senator Eric Kearney is sponsoring legislation to change this. He joins our Barbara Gray during National Poetry Month to talk about the role of a poet laureate, how one would be selected, and the status of Senate Bill 84.

Local poet Gerry Grubbs

Apr 25, 2014

National Poetry Month: local poet Gerry Grubbs reads In the Orchard from The Hive is a Book We Read for Its Honey.

Local poet Kate Fadick

Apr 25, 2014

National Poetry Month: local poet Kate Fadick reads The Misunderstanding from her Slipstream poetry chap book.

National Poetry Month: local poet Dr. Norman Finkelstein reads Tour from his sequence of poems called From the Files of the Imminent Foundation.

Poet Norman Finkelstein from Xavier University

Apr 18, 2014

In celebration of National Poetry Month, Barbara Gray talks with local poet and Xavier University English professor, Dr. Norman Finkelstein. He talks about, and reads from, his book of poetry, Inside the Ghost Factory.