local musicians

Saturday, January 23 at 8pm:

For the 11th straight year, Lee Hay has assembled some of the best local musicians and contributors to celebrate the season in word and music.

Acclaimed local musician Royal Holland recently visited our studio to talk with Jim Nolan about his new EP, Volume Two: Flamingo and to perform two of the cuts, Flamingo and Golem Effect.

Ludlow Garage 40th Anniversary

Oct 15, 2015

In 1969, there were two streets in Cincinnati which were a hotbed for young activists, music lovers, and hippies… Calhoun Street and Ludlow Avenue.  On this one-hour special, you’ll hear about a legendary music club on Ludlow Avenue from some of the folks who worked there and knew the scene.

Michael Hodesh who owned a shop on Calhoun Street begins the special with some of his memories.  You’ll also hear a roundtable discussion with Jim Tarbell, Margie Hays, Jeff Seireveld, and Bill Cunningham who worked at the Ludlow Garage.  Bob Nave shares his memories of playing at the Ludlow Garage with the Lemon Pipers, and Carmon DeLeone remembers playing with the Sound Museum.  Dale Rabiner also talks about attending many concerts there.

Carousel of Love is the new CD from local singer/songwriter Serenity Fisher and her band, The Cardboard Hearts, and she, along with two of her band members, Michael G. Ronstadt and Matt Halvorson, join Lee Hay to talk about the music, the band, and the CD release party happening on October 16 at Molly Malone’s in Covington.

Two Cincinnati gems will join forces tonight at the Woodward Theater for a delicious alchemy of classical and Americana-indie music.

Cincinnati’s Phratry Records has just completed work on a split 12” from local bands Knife the Symphony and Smoke Signals… and everything about this package deserves attention.


MusicLi, an online music licensing service that focuses on local and regional music, will officially launch during the 2015 MidPoint Music Festival.

Local musician Brad Schnittger began MusicLi with help from a grant from People's Liberty and has partnered with producer Dave Davis to build a library of local talent and to make it available for public licensing.

Jim Pelz is an accomplished session and back-up musician and is known around Cincinnati for leading Hickory Robot for many years.

Meet Bobby Sharp, The Very Busy Local Jazz Drummer

Aug 14, 2015

He’s one of the busiest jazz drummers in the area, currently keeping the beat for three different groups – he’s Bobby Sharp and the Cincinnati native is talking with our Stuart Holman.