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Shopping Local
4:24 pm
Wed May 14, 2014

Be a Part of The City Flea

The City Flea returns to Washington Park this Summer

The City Flea kicks off its fourth year in Cincinnati this Saturday in Washington Park.  The City Flea is Cincinnati's original, curated, monthly urban flea market that features locally-made products, unique gifts and great food and entertainment.

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Album Review
7:00 am
Tue May 13, 2014

Buffalo Killers: Heavy Reverie

Bufalo Killers [l-r]: Zach Gabbard [bass]; Sven Kahns [guitar]; Joe Sebaali [drums]; Andy Gabbard [guitar]
Sun Pedal Recordings

Welcome to Spring in Cincinnati - a time that rejuvenates the soul and beckons the continuation of treasured traditions: Opening Day, Zoo Babies, The Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory, The Flying Pig Marathon and Record Store Day, to name just a few. To me, springtime in Cincinnati means that it is time to get ready for another awesome release by Buffalo Killers.  

As one of the hardest working bands around, every time Buffalo Killers enters the recording studio, they pretty much already have the album finished in their heads; and getting it down on tape is a mere formality. Likewise, every time they record, they seem to just get better and better.

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Community Innovation
4:38 pm
Wed May 7, 2014

Cincy Sundaes: a sweet way to boost Big Ideas for the tri-state

Sweet treats at Cincy Sundaes are provided by Dojo Gelato - with toppings from Daisy Mae's Market, Dean's Mediterranean Imports and KIND!

For just $5, you can enjoy some delicious treats, hang out with cool people and help steer the future of communities in Greater Cincinnati.

Cincy Sundaes is an ice cream social that provides micro-grants for innovative ideas in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  The events are also entirely kid-friendly and lots of fun.

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Album Review
7:00 am
Tue May 6, 2014

Sleeves: Sex is Stupid

Sex is Stupid by Sleeves is available for free/pay-what-you-want download from their Bandcamp site.

Sleeves is the latest "insta-band" from Cincinnati.  What is an insta-band?

Shawn Abnoxious from the music blog Thwart describes it best when we writes, "insta-bands are those bands that seemingly pop-up overnight without warning... a sort of shock and awe version of a band."

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Lunch Beat
3:21 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

If It's Your First Time at Lunch Beat, You Have To Dance

Ditch your desk for an hour-long party in the middle of the work day. If you dance, you get a free lunch.

The idea behind Lunch Beat is simple – ditch your desk for an hour-long party in the middle of the work day. If you dance, you get a free lunch.

Lunch Beat was first brought to Cincinnati by Starfire Council last Spring. These semi-impromptu pop-up lunch events are designed to bring people together, highlight the fun and creative energy in the city of Cincinnati and most of all - to get people of all kinds to DANCE!

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