Bill Rinehart / WVXU

A new study of housing inventory in Over-the-Rhine finds the Cincinnati neighborhood has become more economically diverse since 2002, but has lost 73 percent of units available to people in lower income brackets.

Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Pendleton is in the northeast corner of Cincinnati's central business district.  The heart is just north of the Horseshoe Casino.  While you may not realize it, it is not a part of Over-the-Rhine or Downtown.  It is its own neighborhood, with its own identity.  And the people who live there want to keep that identity as developers come in. 

The owners of a popular bar in Over-the-Rhine are now working on opening another tavern in nearby Pendleton.  Nation won’t be the first bar in the neighborhood, or even the first new business.  But it is the first in a new wave of development.

Cincinnati's economic development director is leaving for a job in Detroit.  

Odis Jones' last day will be July 12th.   He’s accepted a position with the Detroit Public Lighting Authority.