In celebration of National Women's History Month: A memory from a mother (Dorothy Ramsey Gross) and her two grown daughters (Kay Geiger and Sue Thinnes.)


Today's technology provides us with the capability to communicate with each other virtually 24/7. And yet studies show Americans feel less connected and more divided than ever.


As we see daily in news reports, religion and politics can be polarizing, with individuals becoming so emotionally attached to one side of an issue they become incapable of seeing any positive aspects in opposing views, or inconsistencies in their own beliefs. Interfaith dialogue is one tool being promoted to resolve conflicts. It encourages people to recognize their commonalities, and have reasoned, thoughtful discussions about their differences.

Beyond Civility

Nov 9, 2012

Now that the elections are over, do you believe that there is still the possibility of respectful public discourse, even among people of different beliefs? A group in Cincinnati does, and they have set out to prove it. Beyond Civility is working to increase respectful communication by showing that it can be done. This Monday, November 12, they will kick off their Side-by-Side series featuring State Senator Bill Seitz and Cincinnati Vice-Mayor Roxanne Qualls. To discuss their goals and this series, Mark Perzel welcomes organizers Bea Larsen and Robert Rack.