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The December issue of Cincinnati Magazine includes the editor's’ list of the Best of the City for 2014. From pony keg to olive bar, mountain bike trail to lawnmower repair, rainy day fishing spot to deli-made dip, the list covers food, the arts, exercise, shopping and just downright fun and unusual things you can find in our fair city. You might agree or disagree with some of their picks, and chances are you probably never gave a thought to some of their categories (best source for Japanese office supplies?), but you have to give them credit for doing the legwork, scouring our town to come up with what they consider the very best in Cincinnati. Here to share some of the things and places they say are the best, and how they went about finding them, are Cincinnati Magazine Deputy Editor Amanda Boyd Walters, Senior Editor RJ Smith, and Digital Media Editor Amy Brownlee.

What do you consider “The Best” in Cincinnati?

  oing out to dinner should always be an enjoyable experience, and that'’s especially true when friends and family gather to celebrate the holidays. If you'’re looking for an evening to remember, a fun night out for the entire family, or the perfect place to take out-of-town guests, Greater Cincinnati offers plenty of options.

  Dealing with the stresses and tragedies that often come with police work requires a special type of mental toughness, but there are times when even those who protect us daily need some assistance. The Cincinnati Police Department's independently contracted psychologist, Dr. James Daum, is profiled in the November issue of Cincinnati Magazine and he joins us to talk about the work he does to help officers cope with the challenges unique to their job.

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  On Saturday, June 15 of last year, the day before Father’'s Day, Richard Evans was shot multiple times in his Hartwell pizzeria, Cosmic Pizza. His wife and three small children were in the shop with him at the time. Evans died of his wounds just outside the pizzeria, his wife Ornuma “Ao” by his side.

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  She was a local girl with big dreams who found a career in burlesque. After being alerted to an intriguing item for sale on eBay, a “1930's stripper/dancer scrapbook –in Cincinnati,” the editors at Cincinnati Magazine pounced, bought the scrapbook, and went in search of the owner'’s story- Erma Kunkel, known as “Ermaine, the Platinum-Haired Dansuese” in the 1930's’ world of burlesque. Cincinnati Magazine Deputy Editor Amanda Boyd Walters and Senior Editor RJ Smith talk with us about the unusual tale of a girl from Over-the-Rhine turned personality dancer.”

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  At one-and-a-half miles long, The Beast at Kings Island is the world'’s longest wooden roller coaster and is typically cited as one of the top coasters in the world. It opened in 1979 - and to mark its 35th anniversary and nearly 49 million rides - freelance writer Lisa Murtha put together Screeeeeeam!, an oral history of The Beast, for the June issue of Cincinnati Magazine. She joins us along with roller coaster enthusiast Carl Eichelman, who holds the record for the most rides on The Beast (he stopped counting at 4,400), to share the story of the coaster that has entertained and thrilled millions.

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Cincinnati has always been able to boast about its restaurants, there has always been somewhere great to eat, whether you wanted steak and potatoes or something a bit more daring. But so many new and exciting restaurants have opened up recently, it’s going to be a challenge to decide which to try first. The March issue of Cincinnati Magazine can help guide you in the right direction, with their cover article, “The Best New Restaurants 2014.” Cincinnati Magazine Dining Editor Joanne Drilling joins us to explore the ten best new restaurants in town. Which one would top your list?

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  You might be a native, or maybe you just moved here, but, really, just “How Cincy Are You?”  For their February issue the folks Cincinnati Magazine put together several quizzes you can take to determine your Cincinnati-ousness, along with helpful hints on everything from how to run the Flying Pig to how to remove a chili stain.

RJ Smith is the new Senior Editor for Cincinnati Magazine, and he joins Mark Perzel in the studio to discuss his new role, provide a snapshot of the variety of articles in the May issue, as well as talk about the book he released late last year, The One: The Life and Music of James Brown.

Bigfoot in Ohio?

Apr 5, 2013

In case you didn’t know, Ohio has the 5th most Bigfoot sightings in the country, which means there are a lot of Buckeyes out hunting for him. Writer Jene Galvin shares his tales of looking for Sasquatch and some of the people who are searching constantly in an article in the April Cincinnati Magazine and in a conversation with Mark Perzel.

Where to Eat 2013

Mar 15, 2013

The March issue of Cincinnati Magazine is out with its “Where to Eat 2013” list. Dining Editor Donna Covertt joins Mark Perzel to talk about assembling this list, the changing landscape of the Cincinnati dining scene, and how exactly she judges a place like Orchid’s to one of her newest favorites, Eli’s Barbecue.