Cincinnati fire

Jay Hanselman

The president of the Cincinnati firefighter's union is asking for $250,000 in the upcoming city budget to equip all firefighters with custom-fitted bulletproof vests.  

The city purchased some at the end of the year, but that only covered 187 firefighters. Another 660 are needed to cover all firefighters.


Cincinnati Council Member Chris Seelbach said he learned a lot during his ride along with the city's fire department.  He wanted to better understand what's required to be a Cincinnati firefighter.

He was part of a 24-hour shift starting Friday morning with Engine 20 in Northside. 

Seelbach said he didn't see one fire during the period.


The Cincinnati Fire Department is getting another nearly $6 million federal grant to hire 40 additional firefighters.  

The money will fund salaries for 2 years.  

In the last several years the number of Cincinnati firefighters has been shrinking because of retirements and resignations.