"A World Without Princes"
1:00 am
Fri May 2, 2014

Fairy tale expert Soman Chainani talks about his new book and breaking stereotypes

Barbara Gray talks with author Soman Chainani, a Harvard-educated fairy tale expert whose new book, A World Without Princes, attempts to shatter the preconceptions and stereotypes of Boys and Girls.

1:00 am
Fri April 25, 2014

New book traces the long history of bourbon

Author Dane Huckelbridge has taken a “shot” at writing the definitive history of the beverage once distilled by George Washington and enjoyed by soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. Bourbon: A History of the American Spirit takes readers through centuries of distilling, imbibing, fighting, mixing, and outlawing. The author stopped by our studio to talk all things bourbon with our Mark Heyne.

Spring Grove Cemetery
1:00 am
Fri April 18, 2014

Phil Nuxhall talks about his new book, "Stories in the Grove"

Phil Nuxhall is the official historian for Cincinnati’s Spring Grove Cemetery, the second largest in the country and the resting place for many famous local and national names. He’s written a book about some of the history of Spring Grove, Stories in the Grove, and Brian O’Donnell talks with him about some of those stories.

French Food Scene
1:00 am
Fri April 4, 2014

Author Patricia Wells and her "The Food Lover's Guide to Paris"

If a trip to Paris is in your future, you’ll want to be ready for the exciting food scene in that city. Frank Johnson spends a few minutes with Paris authority and author Patricia Wells about her new book.

"The Wright Company"
12:00 am
Fri February 21, 2014

The Wright Brothers' aviation business detailed in new book

Edward Roach is a historian at the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park and author of The Wright Company: From Invention to Industry, which details Orville and Wilbur’s business side of building and selling airplanes. The author talks with our Lloyd Bryant about the post-Kitty Hawk business world of the Wright Brothers.