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A New "Best Of" CD From The Doug Perry Ensemble

Dec 16, 2016

Local singer/songwriter Doug Perry has played with some of Cincinnati’s best bands including the Warsaw Falcons and the Modulators, and has released four albums with his Doug Perry Ensemble

The December issue of Cincinnati Magazine includes the editor's’ list of the Best of the City for 2014. From pony keg to olive bar, mountain bike trail to lawnmower repair, rainy day fishing spot to deli-made dip, the list covers food, the arts, exercise, shopping and just downright fun and unusual things you can find in our fair city. You might agree or disagree with some of their picks, and chances are you probably never gave a thought to some of their categories (best source for Japanese office supplies?), but you have to give them credit for doing the legwork, scouring our town to come up with what they consider the very best in Cincinnati. Here to share some of the things and places they say are the best, and how they went about finding them, are Cincinnati Magazine Deputy Editor Amanda Boyd Walters, Senior Editor RJ Smith, and Digital Media Editor Amy Brownlee.

What do you consider “The Best” in Cincinnati?

Best of the City 2012

Nov 30, 2012

Just like clockwork, if it’s December, it must mean time for Cincinnati Magazine’s Best of the City issue, featuring their take on some of the top stories, people, personalities, food and entertainment from the past year. Deputy Editor Amanda Boyd Walters takes Mark Perzel though the selection process and highlights some of Cincinnati’s best from this year’s issue.