Clifton Cultural Arts Center
3:00 pm
Sun August 19, 2012

Golden Ticket Art Show

3rd Golden Ticket Artists Exhibition at the CCAC

Ruth Dickey from the Clifton Cultural Arts Center talks with Jim Stump about their Third Annual Golden Ticket Art Show, happening on September 7.

Art Academy of Cincinnati
3:00 pm
Sun August 19, 2012

President John Sullivan

John Sullivan - new president of the Art Academy of Cincinnati

In advance of the new school year, Jane Durrell welcomes President John Sullivan from the Art Academy of Cincinnati to talk about the school’s fall term, their community education programs, and his feelings regarding Cincinnati since recently relocating here.

Moscow, Ohio's Own
3:00 pm
Sun August 12, 2012

Maple Creek Artisan Center

Maple Creek Artisan Center

Vickie Ginn from the Maple Creek Artisan Center in Moscow, Ohio, joins Robyn Carey-Allgeyer to discuss the center’s financial issues and plans this fall.

Steal Like an Artist
3:00 am
Sat August 11, 2012

Creating Original Art

Steal Like an Artist. Available at

After his commencement address went viral, Austin Kleon was encouraged to write about his ideas on creativity. In Steal Like an Artist, Kleon gives tips for beginning artists trying to create original work. Mark Perzel talks with Kleon about his new book and about what it means to steal like an artist.