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How would a President Hillary Clinton handle _____?

4 hours ago

Hillary Clinton has been involved in US foreign policy for years. Her role, in fact, has often been a point of contention.

Her fans say she evolves, rejecting and embracing logical foreign policy intitiatives based on the context at the time. Her critics say she shifts her positions based on political convenience.

Regardless, First Lady Hillary Clinton is different from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and neither are the same as candidate Hillary Clinton. And a President Hillary Clinton? That remains to be seen.

Reuters/Taipei Photojournalists Association/Pool

Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first woman to be nominated for president by a major party in the United States. But even in strongly patriarchal societies like those in Central American and South America, women have made it to the highest office.

The United States is a little late to this party. We thought it'd be interesting to hear from some women who are from or living in countries that have already had a female head of state — what does Clinton's nomination mean to them?


The face of left-wing ideals, for many in the US, is an elderly white man who recently ran for president.

But that man, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, relinquished his candidacy to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week. And as the convention was going on in her city, a young Asian American woman was bringing attention to progressive agenda items such as public education, urban poverty and help for immigrants.

Hillary Clinton’s other glass ceiling

21 hours ago

Hillary Clinton has already broken many glass ceilings to get where she is.

But there's another less talked about first she will accomplish if she's elected president: Clinton would be the first former Secretary of State elected president since before the Civil War.

Several have tried. But none have succeeded. The last to even attempt it was Al Haig.

So why is it so hard to make the leap from Foggy Bottom to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Courtesy of the Community Health Care Network 

Karina Diaz and Gissel Hernandez are cousins, both 24, who like to joke that they're twins. I fell for it. They're both petite, same boyish style of clothes, same tightly cropped curly hair. I met them at the Community Healthcare Network's Bronx Health Center, where they dropped by to get some information on the Zika virus. They were both about to visit the Dominican Republic.

Daniel Ofman/PRI

This week, one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, AC Roma, was training in Boston, next to Harvard stadium.

About 200 fans showed up every day to watch the star-studded team train. For a world-famous team like Roma, used to huge crowds, it probably felt like a vacation.

Roma’s two most famous players are Daniele De Rossi and of course ‘il capitano’ Francesco Totti. Totti is 39 years old and has played for the squad for 24 years, something that’s almost unheard of in US sports.

Maria Murriel/PRI

Conventions are political theater.

Officially, they exist to nominate the party's candidate. But they're also designed to help campaigns hit the ground running. They have a message. And they have the eyes of the country.

The World's Leo Hornak, who is normally based in London, spent the last two weeks covering both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. He says he was surprised by how much conversation at both events was had through what people were wearing or waving. A perfect example was when Michelle Obama spoke at the DNC.

Bill Clinton's line for American Muslims

Jul 29, 2016
Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters

Day Two of the Democratic National Convention was filled with memorable moments. The news highlight of the night was the official nomination of Hillary Clinton, who became the first woman heading a major party to run for president of the United States.

The speeches for the night included one from Clinton’s husband, Bill.

Charles Mostoller/Reuters

There were many stark differences between the Republican and Democratic conventions this month. Especially in tone and theme: the Democrats embraced diversity and inclusion, while the Republicans emphasized foreign threats to Americans and United States security. 

Marnette Federis/PRI

On a recent afternoon at the Veterans Equity Center in San Francisco, men and women in their 70s, 80s and 90s gather around a meeting hall. Tables are organized into a U-shape around the afternoon’s main event: bingo.

This monthly social gathering brings together Filipino seniors. Some of them are World War II veterans or are the spouses of veterans.