Impact Cincinnati

Every day life in Greater Cincinnati is impacted by ideas, decisions and debates throughout the tri-state community. Impact Cincinnati delved deeper into the issues and events taking place and shaping our community dialogue. Its final show aired May 30, 2013. Below you will find the programs broadcast since August, 2012.

An additional archive of past Impact Cincinnati programs can be found here.

Proponents of Cincinnati’s plan to lease the operation of its parking meters and garages say it’s critical to solving the city’s budget problems. But opponents to the proposal say it’s a bad deal for the city and its residents.

Join us Thursday morning March 21 at 9:20, as we explore the details and possible outcomes of the parking lease proposal fight. You can send your questions or comments to We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU.

When asked by University of Texas researchers, thirty percent of high school students admitted they had texted nude photos of themselves to others. Last month local authorities discovered more than 100 high school students were involved in sexting.

Join us Thursday morning March 14 at 9:20, as we explore this risky teen behavior, and how to help prevent it. You can send your questions or comments to We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU.

Over the next several years our region will experience a dramatic increase in the number of people 65 and older. Some experts say this will lead to a shortage of workers by 2020 unless the problem is addressed now.

The Brent Spence Bridge has been deemed functionally obsolete, and planning for its replacement has been going on for several years. New bridge designs, possible locations, and various funding options have been discussed for the estimated $2.7 billion project.

Join us Thursday morning February 21 at 9:20, as we get an update on the Brent Spence replacement project. You can send your questions or comments to We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU. 

  In 1853 Cincinnati’s Fire Department became the first paid, professional fire department in the nation. And for the last 160 years the department has continued its tradition of protecting the city.

There is always a need for people who are willing to be adoptive parents, here in Greater Cincinnati hundreds of children right now are waiting to be adopted into good homes.  

Join us Thursday morning at 9:20 February 7, as we explore the options available for anyone who is considering adopting a child into their family. You can send your questions to We’re also on Twitter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU.

Many locals know and enjoy the first-class system of parks Hamilton County has to offer. And while the county’s parks are busy with picnickers, golfers and boaters during the summer, the cold weather months provide a wealth of activities, and a chance for visitors to experience nature from a different perspective.

Listen Thursday morning  January 31, as we hear what’s going on at Hamilton County parks this winter. Impact Cincinnati, on 91.7, WVXU.

Our guest on Impact Cincinnati this week is Hamilton County Park District Marketing Communication Coordinator Kimberly Whitton.

Study after study has shown how critical the early years are to the mental, emotional and social development of a child. How and what a child learns before entering kindergarten can determine his or her future successes.

Tune in Thursday morning January 24, as we hear how for the past 40 years 4C for Children has been helping our community with early childhood care and development. Impact Cincinnati, on 91-7, WVXU.  

Unless the city’s management and employees can agree on how to dramatically reduce current and future pension costs, the Cincinnati retirement system’s current 728 million dollar unfunded liability could grow to one billion dollars by the year 2016.

The University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University are very different in history, size and scope, but both focus on providing students with an exceptional higher learning experience. And both universities have recently undergone a change in leadership.