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  • Hosted by Larry Thomas

Our local movie expert, Larry Thomas, explores some of the well-known and little-known films that are coming to a theatre near you.

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Did you ever wonder where the faux famous come from? You know… the ones who are famous for just being famous. Perhaps you may get some insight from Sofia Coppola’s new film The Bling Ring. It’s based on true events in Los Angeles, with, as they say, only the names changed.

There’s something new coming up next weekend on the cinema scene in Cincinnati. The Art Academy of Cincinnati in Over the Rhine is hosting “Mindbenders Film Series: A Far-Out Film Series,” presented by Pumpkin Productions and the newly reinvigorated Cincinnati Film Society. Screenings will be held Friday through Sunday, June 28-30, in the Art Academy’s auditorium, with a different film each day. There are two Cincinnati premieres, and the premiere of a restored classic.

Four street magicians answer a mysterious summons and within a year have been transformed into The Four Horsemen, a big, new glitzy Vegas act that promises to rob a bank in France while standing on the stage. As in all works of illusion, nothing is really what it seems. But in the film Now You See Me, the talented cast pulls off this scam in a very enjoyable manner.  The Four Horsemen are played by Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco… yes, James Franco’s younger brother, Isla Fisher, and Lebanon’s own Woody Harrelson, in what is probably his best performance since The People vs. Larry Flynt. Working for the law we have Mark Ruffalo as an FBI agent, who is saddled with a novice partner from Interpol, played by Melanie Laurent who gained worldwide attention in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. And naturally there has to be a couple of elder statesmen to follow the action, comment on and drop clues to what’s going on. Or so we think. Those roles fall to hard-working old pros Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

In 2006, talented Canadian actress Sarah Polley took a chance on making her first feature as a writer-director. The film was Away From Her, a sad yet hopeful story about a woman with Alzheimers, which managed to nab Oscar nominations for both Polley for her screenplay, and her star Julie Christie for Best Actress. Now Polley is back with another journey of discovery, but more about her than anyone else, in Stories We Tell. Polley’s mother died early, and as she grew up, kept hearing rumours that her father might not actually be her father. Both parents had been actors and stories abounded. Dad was an introvert, who could do well without a lot of people around. Mom was a loving, living free spirit who needed to express herself.

You would think any movie franchise with the number 6 after its title would have ended up on my screening list along the way. Not so with Fast & Furious 6. I have never seen entries one through five. So at least I can report from a reasonably fresh perspective, instead of just more of the same.