The Thomases: Not endorsing in mayor's race

Jul 30, 2013

Former Cincinnati council member Cecil Thomas and his wife, Pam Thomas, who was appointed to his seat, may be listed as members of the host committee for mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls, but they hasten to point out they are not endorsing her candidacy.

The Enquirer reported Monday that Pam and Cecil Thomas "are hosting a fundraiser for Qualls next month."

That prompted the former and present council members to fire off a press release on Pam Thomas' city hall stationary saying that, yes, they have agreed "as have many others" to serve on a fund raiser host committee, but said "it is important to clarify that neither has endorsed any candidate for mayor."

"Moreover, they stated that they would, if requested, be willing to serve on a fund raiser host committee for mayoral candidate John Cranley,'' their written press release said.

"We have not endorsed any candidate for mayor, and we intend to remain neutral in this matter,'' Pam and Cecil Thomas said.

Generally, being listed as a member of a host committee indicates support for that candidates, but the Thomases say that is not so in this case.