Smitherman to give up NAACP presidency for now

Jun 14, 2013

Cincinnati council member Christopher Smitherman will step down as president of the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP while he is running for re-election to council.

A number of members of the local chapter have urged Smitherman to leave the NAACP presidency while running for office. In a statement released Friday, Smitherman said he was doing so under a policy adopted by the NAACP's national board of directors in 1968.

James Clingman, an NAACP vice president and the founder of the Greater Cincinnati African-American Chamber of Commerce, will take over as interim president of the local chapter.

If Smitherman is re-elected to council this fall, he said he will tender his resignation to the local chapter's executive committee, which can either accept or reject his resignation. If the committee rejects Smitherman's resignation or he is defeated in his re-election bid to council, he can resume being president of the local chapter.