Salmonella outbreak traced to Springfield Township hatchery

May 9, 2014

Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Springfield Township is being linked to a salmonella outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 60 cases in 23 states have been linked to the facility on Winton Road. No one has died. The CDC reports 31 percent of those affected have been hospitalized. People reported falling ill between February 4 and April 21.

From the CDC:

Ill persons range in age from younger than one year to 95 years, and the median age is 29 years. Forty percent of ill persons are 10 years of age or younger. Fifty-seven percent of ill persons are male. Among 32 ill persons with available information, 10 (31%) have been hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.

The mail-order hatchery was the source of two other outbreaks in the last two years.

In a statement, the hatchery says it is working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the CDC, though it doesn't claim responsibility for the outbreak.

“Mt. Healthy Hatcheries shares concerns being raised about a Salmonella outbreak and illnesses related to this disease. It is our understanding that an investigation is ongoing, and that our hatcheries are believed to be a source of the outbreak."

The release goes on to say:

“Because we work with many suppliers of hatching eggs and chicks, disease prevention is a top priority. Our hatcheries are working with USDA on a voluntary Salmonella reduction program, we have increased biosecurity measures, and we are continuing to obtain counsel from an outside expert to reduce the risks of Salmonella.