Review: Two Days in New York

Oct 5, 2012

French actress Julie Delpy first came to prominence in the US as co-star of Richard Linklater’s pair of romantic dramas Before Sunset and Before Sunrise. In these art house hits, Delpy stars with Ethan Hawke about a couple who connect one night in France in the first film, separate, and reconnect in the second.

In taking her career to the next level, Julie Delpy co-wrote, directed, and starred in Two Days in Paris, as Marion, in which she and her boyfriend Jack, played by Adam Goldberg, try to rekindle their relationship, unsuccessfully, with a visit to her family.

Since that film was fairly successful, the inevitable follow-up film is called Two Days in New York. Marioni's now living, as you may have guessed, in New York, raising the daughter she had with Jack. She is pursuing her photography career, and is living with Mingus, played by a low-key Chris Rock, and his daughter from a previous relationship. Their current relationship is about to be turned on its ear by a visit from Marion’s rascally father, self-absorbed sister, and her former, and quite annoying, boyfriend. It’s almost like a French spin on Meet the Parents.

Delpy does a fine job juggling all her cinematic hats as co-writer, star and director of Two Days in New York. She’s modeling her current career turn after the early Woody Allen style, and it seems to suit her. Also back from the first film is her father, as played by her real-life pere, Albert Delpy. Alexia Landeau reprises as her sister, and also the co-writer of the screenplay, and Alex Nahon is also back as Manu, the sister’s ex-boyfriend.

The real star of the film is Chris Rock, playing a different kind of role for him. He’s restrained, although still funny, and really seems to get into developing his character instead of following formula or performing schtick. It’s a nice move up for Rock.

Two Days in New York is a good film, that has laughs and charm, and an enjoyable cast doing what they seem to do best.

The R-rated Two Days in New York is a presentation of Cincinnati World Cinema at Covington’s Carnegie Arts Center. Showings are scheduled for 6 pmon Saturday, October 13, and at 4 pm on Sunday, October 14. There will be a cash bar and social hour prior to each screening, and Dr. John Alberti, director of the Cinema Studies Program at Northern Kentucky University, will lead the post-film discussion.