Police try to prevent traffic problems at Horseshoe

Mar 4, 2013

Traffic in and around the Horseshoe Casino is expected to be heavy tonight for the grand opening. Police and city officials say plan accordingly.

If you work downtown and normally take Reading Road to I-471, or Eggleston Ave to Columbia Parkway, you might consider going a different way home tonight. Chances are it will be gridlock as people head to the casino. They can start lining up as early as 6pm for the 8:30pm opening. Only invited guests will be allowed to park in the casino garage. All others are encouraged to park at the Banks Garage. It will be free and so will the shuttle service to Horseshoe from 6pm to 6am.

At a Friday news conference Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney said the city will try to prevent traffic problems.

"The city will have the Regional Emergency Operation Center up Monday night and will be looking at the entire area through cameras and if there are choke points we have ways of deploying people to help redirect traffic if we have to do that," Dohoney says.

Police will also monitor the cameras this weekend. That's expected to be an even busier time at Horseshoe.