New Programs Debut on WVXU Beginning July 1st

Jun 25, 2013

Jay Hanselman, Maryanne Zeleznik, Mark Heyne, Howard Wilkinson and Mark Perzel

Monday, July 1 marks the debut of the expanded, live version of Cincinnati Edition on 91.7 WVXU and 88.5 WMUB, airing each Monday-Thursday at 2:00pm. This one-hour program will feature live guests, increased listener interaction, recorded segments, and the opportunity to cover breaking news on a daily basis.

While breaking news and issues of community concern will form the program’s foundation, the program will also reflect unique interests and curiosities that each host shares with WVXU’s listeners.

Monday’s host, Mark Perzel, will explore Cincinnati life, the arts and cultural scene, history, the environment and space.

Tuesday’s host, Maryanne Zeleznik, has a keen interest in health, home, education, and the day’s news.

Wednesday’s host Mark Heyne will consider business, the economy, investing and technology. Wednesday is also the new home for Ann Thompson’s “Focus on Technology” reports.

Thursday’s co-hosts Jay Hanselman and Howard Wilkinson will talk politics and interview government officials… city, county, state or national. And Howard will no doubt make sure his beloved Cincinnati Reds are involved as well!

Pete Rightmire has joined the WVXU staff full time as producer of Cincinnati Edition.

There will be a number of ways for listeners to contact the show and join in the discussion:

By phone: 513-419-7100

By email:

On Facebook: 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati

On Twitter: @917wvxu or at hashtag #WVXUTalk

During the first week, listeners will hear discussions on mental health; the impact of the Horseshoe Casino on neighboring communities; and a preview of the new Cincinnati Edition and interviews with three national hosts coming to the WVXU schedule: John Hockenberry (The Takeaway, Monday-Thursday at 3:00); Jad Abumrad (Radiolab, Saturday at 3:00); and Guy Raz (TED Radio Hour, Saturday at 4:00).