MUPD canine retires

Oct 21, 2013

Earlier this year Miami University's first police canine retired. On Monday the university held a retirement ceremony for Ero, the German Shepherd who has been with the department since 2005.

Ero continues to live with his handler, Officer Keith Hibbard, and Hibbard's new K-9 partner, Figo.

In an interview posted on Miami's website, Officer Hibbard says:

Ero and I began working together when he was three and I was in my fifth year at MUPD.  Ero was purchased after he had learned basic obedience. I attended the Cincinnati Police K-9 academy for three months with Ero upon my assignment to the K-9 Unit. After the K-9 academy, Ero and I trained daily on things such as obedience, explosive detection, tracking and suspect apprehension.


After such serious training and distinguished service, how will Ero spend his retirement?

Relaxing! Lounge on the couch, nap, bark at squirrels in my neighbor's yard. He's almost 10 and has had some health problems recently. He still has the desire to work but, due to arthritis and some loss of vision, he just isn't physically able to perform his duties. I do still work with him on obedience, take him for walks and hide stuff so he can search. It's important to keep his mind and body active so he can enjoy retirement.

You can read more about Officer Hibbard, Ero and Figo here. Miami University's canine unit is frequently called to assist other police departments and Homeland Security.

In a release, Miami says:

Born in Germany, Ero was bred to serve as a police service canine.  After certification and competition through the United State Police Canine Association in 2009, Ero was considered one of the best bomb dogs in Ohio.