Mayor-elect talks streetcar, other priorities

Nov 6, 2013

Mayor-elect John Cranley met with media in his Hyde Park home Wednesday.
Credit Tana Weingartner / WVXU

Cincinnati mayor-elect John Cranley has a lot of big plans for his upcoming tenure but no topic is more dominating than his desire to halt the streetcar project. It was the main focus of a meeting with press Wednesday in his Hyde Park home.

"Look," Cranley said, "This isn't an ideological thing for me. I don't relish stopping the streetcar... The fact is it's just not worth the money. It's worth cancelling as long as that's the cheapest option as opposed to continuation."

Cranley dismisses the idea that returning federal streetcar funds could hurt the city's ability to receive other federal dollars in the future. While he can't stop city officials from moving forward with the project between now and when he's sworn in December 1, he says officials should, "do the right thing."

Other priorities include getting out of the parking privatization plan; increasing firefighter numbers in order to get rid of brown-outs; reducing violent crime; creating jobs; and growing minority-owned businesses.

Cranley would not comment on whether he'll keep city manager Milton Dohoney on the job or who he'll name as vice mayor.