The Lodge: A Little Bit of Home on The Road

Nov 22, 2013

When it comes to supporting the music scene in the Greater Cincinnati area, few people do it with more conviction than Scott Beseler with The Lodge in Dayton, KY.

Beseler, whose day job is as a professional photographer for Soapbox Cincinnati, has partnered with physician  Dr. John Wirick (stage name: Johnny Walker) to develop what can best be described as a rock-n-roll bed & breakfast.

Sometimes, touring bands don't even know where they are staying for the night, or if they are sleeping in their van.  By converting a former Masonic lodge into a multi-level space where bands can practice, record, design and produce merchandise, crash for the night or just grab a warm meal, Beseler and Wirick have brought an added dimension to the scene that will make the city even more attractive to musicians on the road.

"Me and All My Friends" by Walk the Moon from the album I Want! I Want!