Local musician Dennis Williams has passed away.

Jan 8, 2014

Tue Jan 7, 2014 10:40 am (PST) . Posted by patincincy  from the Cincy Blues Society on local blues mailing list:

The "Willy D" Blues Conspiracy
Dennis Williams ("Willy D") started performing at the age of four with his parent’s gospel group. By 16, Willy D was soloing at international religious conferences with bluesy, soulful vocals. His professional credits include studio session work, understudy to the legendary Chuck Seitz of QCA and RCA Studio B fame, radio voiceovers, jingle writer and music production. Willy D has worked on various recording projects with such notables as Jeff Pense (Blessed Union of Souls), John Faris (ABC Dunhill recording artist Zephyr and Gloster Williams (King James Version) Tyco Records. He has played venues with Big Joe Duskin, Sweet Alice Hoskins and Dana Fuchs (movie: Across The Universe).

Randy Stierer started his keyboard career at the age of seven on accordion. By high school he was playing piano in the school orchestra and performing soul, blues and rock on the weekends with friends. In the 70’s Randy recorded with "Peddler" on ChiTown Records by United Artists. He has stayed creative in various studio projects and in 2006 recorded "Cincinnati Lights" with Willie Mullin and Mark Colby with featured airplay by Cincinnati’s own WARM 98.

Together, Willy D and Randy bring a unique blend of gospel, blues, funk and rock as a bluesy duo. This music conspiracy of melting pot styles, old school fundamentals and sonic fullness forges new boundaries for soulful blues.