Leggy: Cavity Castle

May 20, 2014

If you happen to be into super-sexy, lo-fi, swank-rock, then dust off your go-go boots and get a taste of the brand-spanking-new release by Leggy called Cavity Castle.

Leggy is (as they call themselves) a group of 'heavy nu-garage, indie-punk poptarts' consisting of Chris Campbell [drums], Kerstin Bladh [bass] and Véronique Allaer [guitar].

The 4-song EP was recorded at Trapdoor Studios, a retired 19th Century Methodist church in Union City, Ohio and was produced by John Hoffman [Dead North, Sleeves] and Jerri Queen [Tweens, Vacation, Black Planet].

Though two-thirds of the band happen to be female musicians, I recommend that you don't approach Cavity Castle with any presumptions about Leggy trying to pull off a riot-grrrl renaissance.  Their sound is far more involved than that.

The title of the first track, "Sweet Teeth," comes from the band's original name and is a naughty, guilty-pleasure of a song.  "Sweet Teeth" resonates with the same 60's girl-group vibe that has become an infectious theme in local music lately and is the foundation for up-and-coming bands like Black Planet and Tweens.

Leggy shows another facet of their songwriting ability with "Sky Blue," a song that is more adventurous, has a stronger driving force and highlights Campbell's playing with catchy rhythm breaks. In "Sky Blue" as well as most of Cavity Castle, Allaer's reverb-saturated vocals radiate with an emerging sex appeal.

I usually manage to find one track that I favor over the others and for Leggy that song has to be "Alexander."  There is an unrefined, yet darker depth to the song's mood; and the disjointed rhythm, combined with Allaer's  Maureen Tucker-like vocals, reminds me of some of the more abstract offerings by The Velvet Underground.

At just over three minutes, the song "High Heeled Shoes" is the longest track on Cavity Castle, making the entire EP very quickly and easily digested - yet not enough to make you feel full.  

Luckily, you always have the option to start over at the beginning and enjoy it all  again.

Every Tuesday night in May, Leggy will be the artists-in-residence at the Comet.  In July they will also be part of this year's Northside Rock 'N Roll Carnival.